Normal is boring – BBH London

Raluca / June 13, 2016


Normal is boring.

Don’t let boring become normal.

Why settle for standard when you can set all the standards?

Stand up when others stand down?

Bring your next step to where we stand now

and if you’re asked to stand in then stand out

Be the one that others want to stand around

Don’t be chameleons when you can be komodo dragons

You can’t stay see through forever

Learn that from Frodo Baggins

You can fit in with the rythem till the toes are tappin

or stop the music all together then see what happens

Because not everybody loves change

but everybody sees it

Not everybody gets change

but everybody needs it

Just because it’s comfortable just because its easy

We don’t have to be like what we see on the TV

It takes bravery to behave very different

It takes courage to encourage something new

It’s a hardy decision not to rest on your laurels

But once the work is put in then that’s when you see the proof

When you’re younger

Sticking out makes it harder at school

They teach that blending in enhances your chances of cool

Yet the black sheep’s the one that they ask for the wool

So I hit em with a yessir, three bags full

You cannot make a difference if indifferent

We as dreamers need to put the IF in different

You never get ahead if you step at a set pace

But if you give a little more that’s when you expect change

a lot of dishes like to simmer with a similar pan

but there is going with the flow and there’s giving a damn

you can’t grab peoples’ attention if you sit on your hands

sometimes it takes a lightbulb to switch up the plan

The ugly ducking realized something wasn’t quite how it was billed

Sitting on the fence is what got humpty dumpty killed

The chicken crossed the road cause it got bored of facing the same

And throwing stones in glass houses is what breaks through the pain


You don’t need to be loud to stand from the crowd

You can be the one that people want to listen to

And if you have the audacity to have people listen

You better make sure you have something to say

Because no amount of oil will ever change the system

But a spanner in the works might just make it brilliant

If you want to make it worth then try and make it


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